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The future of flight is in the cloud

No worries. Your airplane has this.

That’s because your airplane is equipped with the new Honeywell Anthem Integrated Flight Deck, with its always-on, always-ready, cloud-connected internet. Before you get to your car to drive to the airport, your airplane already has the updated flight plan. It will be ready and waiting for you on the flight deck when you flip on the avionics master switch, even though – right now – the airplane is securely locked in a dark hangar.

Honeywell Anthem does much more than stand by to receive your remote instructions. You can start your preflight remotely through Honeywell Anthem (in your jammies if you want to), because the airplane can talk to your personal electronics in the same way your personal electronics can talk to the airplane. Remotely check tire pressure, oil levels, and fuel load. Need to order more fuel for that change of flight plan? No problem. Sweep, swipe, pinch, tap, done. You’ll get a notification on your smart watch when the fuel order is complete. You can even remotely configure how you want the various screens and displays to appear in the cockpit, all before you even grab your keys to leave for the airport.

And speaking of those sweeps, swipes, pinches, and taps, Honeywell Anthem’s pilot interface, once you’re in the airplane, works the same way as all your modern personal devices work. Now your personal glass and your aviation glass function the same way. Plus, you don’t need an encyclopedia to learn Honeywell Anthem’s menus. They’re intuitive, designed to function like the portable consumer devices we all use every day. Finally: Avionics that simply make sense, designed for pilots by pilots. Avionics with features like interrupt-friendly programing, because – and we don’t have to tell you this – ATC always calls at exactly the wrong moment in your cockpit workflow. And while Honeywell Anthem operations just make sense, we all get momentarily confused, so Honeywell Anthem’s smart prompting – which is built right into the menus – has you covered.

In flight, Honeywell Anthem enhances your situational awareness by seamlessly putting all your favorite apps right on the main glass through its ultra-secure universal cloud access. Leave your tablet computer in your carry-on, because you’ll use your favorite EFB application, view live weather cameras at your destination, or pull up wind information– all right there on your cockpit glass. No more knee boards or awkward multi-armed tablet holders. Everything you could need or want is right there on your built-in cockpit displays, where it belongs. Those displays? High-res touch displays with mind-blowing synthetic vision to maximize your situational awareness, along with moving 3D airport maps that can now be extended across multiple screens, 3D traffic displays, and even 3D waypoint views. All quickly and intuitively accessed with nothing more than a sweep, a swipe, a pinch, or a tap.

Now, if only the airplane would pre-flight itself on a cold morning.


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