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Thinking of becoming an airline pilot…?

Your career pathway

Our Professional Pilot Pathway is a career development program that will take you with zero or little flying experience through an FAA Part 141 program to become a certified flight instructor (CFI) and the real possibility of a flight instructor position with Skyborne before eventually joining one of our esteemed partner airlines United Airlines, SkyWest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines (Envoy) or Endeavor Air, with more airlines to follow. Pilots already in training with other flight schools can also join the program at various entry points, and still benefit from placement with a Partner Airline.

Skyborne provides complete flexibility to be tagged to the airline of your choice from the outset or leave that choice for later down the line, and if an airline career is not what you are looking for, then we have other career options such as Part 135 and Part 91, as well as a flight instructor pathway.

Using a combination of tried and tested methods and the latest technology we assess competence, suitability, aptitude and resilience to recruit the very best candidates to minimize additional training, reduce failure rates and provide the airline industry with better pilots.

Train at our world-renowned state of the art facility in Vero Beach, Florida, and be immersed in airline techniques, custom and practices to equip you with all the skills required to be truly airline ready, if that’s your career goal.

The Skyborne Pilot Pathway is an all-inclusive training program structured to give you everything you need as efficiently as possible. As such our tuition program includes:

  • Ground Training – teacher led instruction in the classroom, on campus.
  • Flight Training – the best training possible on our fleet of Piper aircraft and Redbird simulators.
  • Exam and Check Ride Fees – All FAA written tests and check ride for all 7 ratings.
  • Training Materials – Books, study guides, and computer-based training modules.
  • Down time – to study and/or relax in our fantastic leisure facilities.

To train at Skyborne, you must apply online, meet a set of criteria, then pass a pilot selection process, followed by an interview with the team – all completed online to make the process more convenient for applicants.

Pilots are in high demand and the global need is projected to rise. With the Skyborne Airline Academy pilot pathway, the route to becoming an Airline Pilot has never been more achievable.

Start your career as a professional pilot, talk to the Skyborne Airline Academy Sales Team, and propel your career.

To find out more about Skyborne Airline Academy Vero Beach, learn about our Professional Pilot Pathway, or to review entry requirements and apply:

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