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Training Tip: Reflections on perfection

CFI and chief flight instructor

“How did it go today?” the chief instructor asks the CFI.

“She had a lot to deal with today, and she handled it all under a heavy workload,” says the CFI.

“She had a weather briefing and was ready for the crosswind,” the CFI told the chief pilot. “She made a great decision to go around on the first landing.”

“On the next traffic pattern, she couldn’t see the traffic on final—and neither could I,” the CFI told the boss. “But she never let that distract her.”

“Once she got the wind figured out, she nailed turns around a point,” the CFI reported.

“She made slow flight look easy,” the CFI said.

The CFI said, “To top it off, the pattern was busy and the controller wanted her to make a short approach and land ahead of a heavy jet.She declined the clearance—the right decision. She sounded like a pro on the radio.”

“She’s ready,” the CFI added.

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