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uAvionix retrofit enables AV-30 traffic display via Wi-Fi

The AV-30 display was certified in September, less than a year following its experimental aircraft debut. The multifunction display can serve as a primary attitude indicator or directional gyro, with selectable features far beyond the single-function legacy instrument it was made to replace. The AV-30 also incorporates angle of attack (without requiring a probe), barometrically corrected altitude, airspeeds, non-slaved heading, electric bus voltage, G Load, GPS navigation data, and more.

The AV-Link module announced May 4 enables Wi-Fi connection to additional data sources and devices, starting with several widely used ADS-B receivers, or any portable ADS-B receiver with GPS that uses the standard GDL 90 Wi-Fi protocol. The AV-30 firmware can also be updated wirelessly via the AV-Link, which has a compact form factor allowing it to plug into the back of the installed display.

“Additionally, AV-Link opens AV-30 to future functionality and connectivity with other wireless-enabled avionics in the cockpit,” the company noted in its announcement. “AV-Link is now available for experimental aircraft with the certified model expected to be available later this year.”

The $299 plug-in retrofit is not the only new product rolled out this month. uAvionix added to its growing list of offerings for unmanned aircraft with the Ping200XR, a Mode S ADS-B transponder with integrated, aviation-certified GPS.

The AV-Link Wi-Fi module plugs into the back of the AV-30 panel display. Photo courtesy of uAvionix.

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