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Update: Early Analysis Wings Over Dallas Midair

UPDATE: The National Transportation Safety Board has released its preliminary report (CEN23MA034) regarding the investigation into the mid-air at the Wings Over Dallas Airshow of a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (N7227C) and a Bell P-63 Kingcobra (N6763).

AOPA Air Safety Institute Senior Vice President Richard McSpadden reviews the report in ASI’s Early Analysis update.

AOPA Air Safety Institute Update

In this Early Analysis update, the AOPA Air Safety Institute reviews the NTSB’s preliminary report on this accident. The video highlights important sections of the report that sheds some light on the mishap and also generates new questions in this accident investigation.

Watch the original Early Analysis video released on this accident.

AOPA Air Safety Institute staff

AOPA Air Safety Institute Staff members share a deep passion for aviation safety. As compassionate pilots, we bring together safety research, analysis, and knowledge in creative ways to share aviation safety education with you—with the ultimate goal of one day having zero fatal accidents in GA.

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