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Upgrade Your Financial GPS

Experience and Credentials Matter

Whether you are selecting an MRO to maintain your aircraft or upgrade your GPS, , you want a partner with the experience, training, and credentials to ensure you arrive safely at your destination. It is vital to have someone on the ground who can leverage their expertise to ensure your safe journey, because even a cloudless day may have pockets of unexpected turbulence.

An experienced financial advisor has the same advantages, drawing on decades of experience working with hundreds of families to develop financial plans and construct portfolios for all environments—inflationary, high growth, recessions and changing tax regimes. Just as a seasoned pilot knows how to skillfully maneuver an aircraft, an experienced financial advisor knows how to construct a portfolio that fits the needs and goals of each client’s unique situation—whether through investing in durable high-quality stocks and bonds, adding alternative investments or choosing the appropriate asset allocation for the client.

Discounts Are Not Always a Bargain

There is often a temptation to choose the lower cost operator without evaluating the value proposition. A discount operator may offer a lower sticker price, but the equipment may not come with warranties, and you may end up paying significantly more in the long run.

In the world of financial advisors, the same is true. Some offer low upfront fees but have expensive charges on their products (e.g., mutual funds) and ancillary services. Additionally, they do not have the low client-to-advisor ratio, access to top-tier investments or client customization that high-end clients deserve. Selecting a premium financial partner with a transparent fee structure results in a first-class experience with fewer frustrations down the runway.

Turbulence Happens

Although pilots attempt to circumvent turbulence, sometimes it is unavoidable. Fortunately, those bumps are nothing to worry about, especially if you and your passengers stay safely buckled in your seats. You have the confidence of knowing that aircraft are designed to withstand gusts that most people will never experience in their traveling lives.

Similarly, financial advisors attempt to avoid market volatility, but they always expect it. Since 1985, the S&P 500 has experienced a 14Ypercent sell-off on average each year. A good financial advisor prepares the client and the portfolio for this volatility. When it happens, they hop on the “intercom” to reassure clients, so they do not sell at the worst time, turning a temporary loss into a permanent one. A great financial advisor capitalizes on volatility to opportunistically deploy capital, tax-loss harvest and leverage estate planning techniques.

Take Flight

We have been through a lot these past few years and deserve to get away. Why risk not having your aircraft in tip-top condition when you and your family are ready to take off.  Choose the premium option and you will have the confidence that your aircraft is ready  not only to get you through inclement weather, but will ensure that you and your loved ones arrive safely at your desired financial destination.

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