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Your AFTA answers

Allow us to explain the advantages

June 22, 2022

Heading to EAA AirVenture? You’ll want to stop at the AOPA tent to check out AFTA, the latest innovation in flight training.

We’ve been working on this web-based application for some time and it’s truly ready for prime time. The AOPA Flight Training Advantage is intuitive when you see it in action, but it can be a challenge to explain how it customizes lesson plans and gives every student’s experience a logical flow. It also helps CFIs track each student’s progress, always visible at a glance, and seamlessly step in whenever a student’s regular CFI is not available.

Seeing is believing, so at AirVenture you will be able to try out AFTA with our dedicated staff.

To get the conversation started, we asked Chris Moser, AOPA senior director of flight training, to answer the questions he hears most often, and to explain what AFTA can do.

  1. Why use AFTA? As a former teacher and active CFI I had this idea that there just has to be a better way than the paper syllabus we’ve always used. It is static; lesson five is always lesson five. There needed to be a way to adapt to the individual needs of each student. We know that adapting to each student’s way of learning is the most effective way to teach. It helps the student advance faster.
  2. Why is AFTA different? The main difference is its flexibility. It’s a combination of a structured Part 141 syllabus and a Part 61 style of learning in that the CFI can provide flexibility; if a student is doing well in one portion of their learning they can move on. AFTA is beneficial for both the student and the CFI—each can see what’s coming next.
  3. What’s the advantage? We’ve seen that students have the big excitement of reaching solo but then enter what I call the doldrums of flight training. AFTA makes the process transparent so students can maintain the motivation to get to the finish line. You the student where you’ve been and what’s coming. The CFI and school [keep] a pulse on the student progress. It helps the CFI help their student.
  4. What does AFTA cost? It’s free. Students just have to be an AOPA member; it’s an AOPA member benefit. CFIs use an iPad app to enter and view data; students and schools can access AFTA on the web.
  5. What do users of AFTA say about the program? They are blown away. This is new, state-of-the-art, cutting-edge training that we’re being told is “cool” and different than anything they’ve used before. If everyone used AFTA, more people would be finishing training.
  6. What’s in it for AOPA? Of course, AFTA is designed to encourage membership, but AOPA is all about growing the general aviation population. We need more pilots and AFTA is an effective way to encourage and produce more pilots.
  7. How can I try out AFTA? Join us at the AOPA tent at AirVenture or go online and sign up—you can test it out and we’ll help you every step of the way.

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